Is seroquel used for sleep

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I take it for sleep, but the psychiatrist prescribed it to use in addition to my Wellbutrin to treat my depression.

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I used to take seroquel regularly for sleep and it seemed to work pretty well, this was when I was hy depressed and I was on a dosage of 400mg per day.

Is <b>Seroquel</b> <b>Used</b> For <b>Sleep</b> Problems

Seroquel xr vs seroquel for sleep

I also have been taking seroquel for insomnia for about a year and a half now. I was also being treated for panic attacks and depression at the time. Since they incude somnolence and drowsiness, antipsychotics are quite often prescribed for people who suffer chronic insomnia who have not responded to other solutions. title=Seroquel&page=1002295&ad=true I am a 37 year old and have had problems sleeping since I was 10.

Seroquel for Sleep The Appropriate Use of Seroquel

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Is seroquel used for sleep:

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